December 2004
ISBN: not available
Whiskey Creek Press
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178 pages

SAINTS AND SINNERS is Shawna Moore’s first book with Whiskey Creek Press.  It
has everything good historical needs: a strong woman and a handsome hero, who is
just enough of a bad boy to be interesting, in a romance that makes you feel for the

SAINTS AND SINNERS is the jazz age story of Moira, a young Irish Catholic shop-girl
who wants to see as much of life as she can, and is thrilled when she gets the chance to
fill in for a sick friend at a night club.  Reilly Dunne is a clothier with family connections to
the Irish gangs of the time.  As both hope their dreams for the future are about to come
true; forces work to prevent the couple from being together, and the demands of a
rapidly changing society threaten to keep them apart.

In Moira, Ms. Moore excellently brought an innocent “flapper” to life, whose ingrained
morality fought against her need to experience the excitement of 1920's New York.  
Reilly was a wonderful example of a second generation American breaking from his
family’s criminal past to establish a life of his own, and he wants a good woman beside
him.  These characters were well written, and their love scenes are so hot that readers
will identify and care about them long after they finish the book.

I also liked how the bad guys were not caricatures.  They were realistic villains who were
trying to survive at all cost in their version of society.  The language was appropriate to
the time and never faltered, and the settings definitely enhanced the storyline.  Readers
could feel early 20th century Manhattan.  

While there were a few historical inaccuracies, they were small and most will not notice.  
All fans of historical romance will love SAINTS AND SINNERS and others will love a
thrilling erotic romance.  For all romance readers this book should be a keeper.    

Anya Khan
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance