ISBN# #1-4199-0046-3
October 2004
Ellora’s Cave
79 pages

Elizabeth Lapthorne’s THE MATING GAME is the latest in Ellora’s Cave’s popular
Rutledge Werewolves series.  The Mating Game combines a handsome “not ready to
settle down” corporate werewolf, Dominic Rutledge with a smart and cute computer
whiz, Mary Dennison, and how the two quickly become fascinated with each other.

When Mary’s nephew hacks into the computer system of Rutledge Security Company,
he needs his aunt to break the computer link.  While Mary saves him, Dominic is now
tracking her.  He is angry he was hacked but impressed and intrigued by the woman
who almost escaped his security traps.  

While trying to back out of Rutledge Security, Mary read one of Dominic’s essays; and
she becomes completely interested by him, his writing, and the possibility he could be
a werewolf.  

The more Dominic and Mary learn about each other the more they need to learn.  After
their first meeting, and first night together, the pair must decided if they can admit to
the desire and developing love they feel.  

Ms. Lapthorne’s vision of a modern-day family oriented werewolf is wonderful.  The
language and characters were interesting and secondary characters helped to set up
the plot while establishing the next book in the series.  While I enjoyed reading Mary’s
character, she was a great deal more accepting of the paranormal than I could be.  
Therefore, it was difficult for me to identify with her.  However, again, I truly enjoyed
reading about her and Dominic.  

Werewolf and contemporary romance fans are going to enjoy reading about these two
smart beautiful people who openly admire each other, others will enjoy The Mating
Game for being an excellent hot romance.  For most readers Rutledge Werewolves –
The Mating Game will be a definite keeper.  

Anya Khan
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance