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ISBN# 978-1-59374-057-8 / 978-1-59374-056-1
December 2007
Whiskey Creek Press
PO Box 51052 Casper, WY 82605-1052
E-Book / Trade Paperback
Price: $5.99 / $13.95 USD
219 Pages
Torrid Romance Science Fiction
Rating: 5 Cups

Tiron Fesell Tarakon is an alien refugee, running from a life of slavery and cruelty. She finds sanctuary on Earth but takes the only job open to a pretty woman with no skills and becomes a prostitute. She uses her shape-shifter skills to attract her clients and her alien senses to select only those who will not hurt her.

Lieutenant Thom DeGrassi is a cop, working undercover in the vice department. He has never had a real relationship with a woman and is beginning to believe that it will never happen for him.

Tiron and Thom are thrown together when she is arrested for solicitation. Thom has seen a lot of prostitutes in his time but none of them have affected him the way Tiron has. He is irresistibly drawn to her and finds himself going out on a limb to protect her. For the first time since she arrived on Earth, Tiron’s alien senses are sending her a message that she has never heard before, a message she is not sure she wants to hear. As Thom and Tiron struggle with their own secrets and their growing attraction to each other, they also have to deal with a menacing psychopath referred to as the ‘Cutter’, who is hunting and killing prostitutes. There is also the looming menace of the Arra, the aliens that Tiron race escaped from.

The characters are excellently written and they really drew me into the book. Both characters are a bit of a cliché, Tiron as the hooker with a heart of gold, and Thom as the gruff but fair cop. Despite this, they felt real and I could really relate to them. The burgeoning attraction between Tiron and Thom is well crafted, dealing with the inevitable misunderstandings and stumbling blocks inherent in any new relationship, let alone one between an alien shape-shifting prostitute and a cop with psychosomatic issues. The science fiction aspect is handled perfectly, just enough to add a bit of flavor to the story but not so much that it detracts or overrides the main storyline. Tiron’s alien senses are believable and blend perfectly with storyline. Tiron is the second Book in the Runner’s Moon series but it stands on its own and you do not need to have read the first book to enjoy it. Be warned, though. If you have not read the first book yet, odds are you will want to after reading this one. I know I do.

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