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ISBN#: Unavailable
February 2009
Resplendence Publishing
178 pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 cups

Angel is a priestess who, seven years ago while visiting a pyramid, was bound to the ancient Djinni of Fire. Now she must obey the Rules of Fire, in order to stay out of his reach.

Numose is a Phoenix, a healer, who is trying to save Angel. He does what he can, but it is hard to keep Angel from being pulled to the djinni.

Angel’s family is unaware of the danger that she is in. If she does not strictly adhere to the Rules of Fire, the djinni will claim her. For her own protection, Numose takes her to his dominion. However, she cannot step foot outside of it, or the djinni will find her. Can Numose keep her safe no matter how difficult it is for her to stay away from the djinni?

Rules of Fire is a spellbinding tale. Written in the first person, the reader can feel Angel’s intense emotions. The various magical characters are enchanting as well as frightening. Tia Fanning’s latest novel is both enticing and erotic.

Caution: This title contains explicit sexual relations and light BDSM.

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