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ISBN#: (10)159021109X/(13)9781590211090
April 8, 2008
118 Heritage Avenue, Maple Shade, NJ 08052
277 Pages
Gay Erotica
Rating: 4 Cups

Bryon and Kendall

Officer Bryon Reese is an agent who goes undercover as a volunteer working at a shelter. He keeps his eyes on the felines, and one worker in particular. As he tries to unravel the thread of illegal transfer within the shelter, he slowly becomes attracted to Kendall.

Kendall Knight is in charge of the shelter and takes care of the huge cats. He is a softie and treats the cats as if they were his family.

As Bryon scopes out the refuge center, he finds it hard to believe Kendall would have anything to do with an undercover operation of transferring any rare and prohibited animals out of the country. It was Kendall who had stayed up all night tending to a poisoned cougar someone brought in. The man just showed too much love for the felines. With each passing day Bryon must continue his search into any illicit works within the shelter. The closer he watches, the more his eye is keened to Kendall, who wets his desire in many ways. When his supervisor demands he get closer to the ones inside, Bryon has no problem pulling Kendall to his side but will their love last through any obstacle?

Sandy and Tanner

Officer Sandy Richter taught himself how to use his left hand after his accident. Even after two years of being away from the police department, his instincts still register certain things in his head.

Mitchell B. Tanner is intrigued with Sandy. He wonders how long it has been since he has been with someone. Tanner wants to be the one to keep Sandy’s bed warm and try to heal his wounded heart.

Sandy had an accident in a fire when he was executing a search warrant on a drug house. Rendered partially disabled, he was offered a desk job but refused. One thing he does not like is being pitied. He was considering having a cup of hot cocoa when a storm blows in and a stranger appears on his back porch needing to use the phone. With the phones down, and the power out, Tanner will have to wait for the phone to start working again. It gives the two time to mingle. When Tanner inquires about Sandy’s hand, it is a topic hard for him to discuss. Sometimes Sandy feels like he is hiding from others when he lives out in the woods. Tanner tells him not to blame himself. There is a mystery about Tanner that intrigues Sandy. They begin to share conversation, a soft touch of the hand, a warm cup of tea, and the two open up to many possibilities. Sandy feels almost like a kid in junior high again. One night leads to heated passion that prompts the two to find each other once again down the road.

Steven and Conrad

Steven Perishing is a cop who is targeting Conrad. No matter how hard he tries to hide his feelings, there is something about those brown eyes that pulls him in deep.

Conrad Stalton is a bulked-up leader who is a primary suspect in meth and Ecstasy. As a street raver he is known to run illegal dances.

Conrad can be known to be full of surprises, especially while working at the record store. Steven must stake out Conrad and bust him if necessary. Going undercover, he begins working as one of Conrad’s crew. Often Conrad works at the record store, which sends Steven to Florida as he scouts out Conrad. Steven knows he could blow the mission by getting too close to Conrad, but the man makes him weak. His desire for Conrad only makes him more confused. As the months continue to pass before them, Conrad and Steven’s feelings for the other, grow and intensify, but will Steven make the right choice in reaching out to Conrad?

Rough Cut is loaded with in-depth stories and rich dialogue. Each tale surrounds the characters, bringing them into real situations, not only outside the home, but behind closed doors as well. Bryon, Kendall, Conrad, Sandy, Steven, and Tanner take the reader on an incredible journey as their love lives ignite. Every time I tried to put the book down, to take a break, the stories screamed for me to turn the pages. From handcuffs, to being locked away in a freezer, to riding on horses, each one generates a fusion of heat. These men bring on limitless excitement, thrills and infatuation. Vincent Diamond creates stories that show the depth of his concern and passion. While he touches upon things that may be considered forbidden to some, he does it with style and grace.

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