ISBN: 1-55410-996-5
September 2005
eXtasy Books
404 pages

Are women really still such a mystery to men? Do men still need a handbook to tell them
how to get into a relationship? Well, if they do, then Rock Her World is the book for
them. Let's face it, we are all looking for love and someone to get cosy with, so if this
helps turn a couple of men into caring sensitive new age guys then I'm all for it.

K.K. Has compiled a multitude of attitude concerning how to get into a relationship with
a woman. He has geared this book for the male readers still trying to decipher the
mysteries of women. He has used humor in the book and his experience with the
women in his life to advise and teach.

Rock Her World is full of his observations preened from his life experience and
relationships with varied women. It is also filled with self-help techniques such as diet
and exercise programs. There is even a couple a pages of notorious pick-up lines. The
rest of this book has tips and suggestions on the best way to get the girl. Even funnier is
the descriptions on how not to get the girl. K.K has certainly given guys no excuse for not
behaving well in the company of women. However, I suspect, in some cases us girls
love the rough edges.

Being female, I found this book a little like Dating Women for Dummies. However, there
is no denying that we need all the help we can get when it comes to relationships,
especially since we found out we come from different planets. The book was a huge
undertaking by K.K and the hard work is obvious. I do hope that if a man is feeling a little
clueless, he picks up a copy as I am sure he would get a laugh and maybe a few hints
along the way. It all seems like a lot of hard work to me and relationships should be
simpler. I feel some of the ideas and opinions expressed annoyed me from a woman's
point of view, but I realize it is meant for the male population, and in general it shows a
great respect for women. I would like to think this book would get some great
relationships off the ground. Then again, perhaps you guys should be careful what you
ask just might get it!

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books