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ISBN # 1-59998-622-1
October 2007
Samhain Publishing
283 Pages
Historical Romance Medieval
Rating: 4 Cups

From the time he was a boy, Roan dreamed of becoming the best knight in the land. He accomplishes his dreams by making many sacrifices. Roan grew up in an orphanage with no clue of his true lineage. He and Estelle become friends with a special bond between them. He wants to win Estelle’s heart yet fate has a way of creating obstacles that always seem to make that desire nothing more than a wish.

Growing up in the same orphanage as Roan, Estelle is devastated when Roan leaves to live with the king and train to become a knight. Although they have a special bond as friends, she has fallen in love with King Alban, who is slated to marry another. As a scandal unfolds, she is married off to William Percy. She accepts her fate and feels obligated to make this marriage work. She also makes many sacrifices because of the hand that fate has dealt her.

Roan and Estelle lead hard lives filled with hardship with neither knowing the truth of their lineage. Roan wants to be with Estelle but she has chosen another to love. She cannot be with her love or with Roan. Yet when the truth finally comes out, it may shatter many lives and again set their lives on another course.

Roan of Ellan Vannin whisks you on a journey to another time and place. It has incorporated much emotion with wonderful characters that entertain the reader throughout the story. Although it seems to stand on its own, this is the second book in a trilogy. I would recommend you read them in their proper order so you get even more pleasure from Ms. Wiederhold’s craftily spun tale. A wonderful read for when you need that mini vacation from everyday life.

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