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ISBN# SSN 1555-5488 Vol.77-11SE
July 2007
Midnight Showcase
136 Pages
Fantasy Romance
Rating: 3 cups

Groa is a Viking woman and warrior. Her ship is overtaken by the Danes and she and her princess Vilda are captured while the others are killed around her. She is given into the care of a strange old woman named Gertrude who is not all that she seems, and who takes her into the future.

Antoni is a Roman General, and the one who captures her again after Gertrude takes Groa through time.

When Tiberius, the other man with Antoni, claims ownership of Groa and sells her into service as a gladiator, Groa decides she will do what it takes to survive. She continues to occasionally meet and verbally spar with Antoni who finds himself quite taken with her. Eventually he maneuvers to have Groa fight in the arena in Rome, but it backfires because Tiberius forces the pair together for a night of sex. In time Antoni buys Groa, but she will not become what he wants. It is only when Groa suddenly disappears that pieces of an old puzzle begin to fall into place.

Roamin’ Love is an unusual love story that I enjoyed reading. The setting is well drawn allowing the reader a glimpse into the distant past and ancient Rome. Groa behaves in exactly the fashion one would expect when raised to be a warrior. Antoni as a man confused by circumstances around him is very realistic in his reactions. If you enjoy reading about ancient Rome then this is the book for you.

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