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ISBN#: 978-0-385-34193-6
July 1, 2008
A Delta Trade Paperback, a Batam Dell Publishing Group, Imprint of Random House Inc.
1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
Trade Paperback
354 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Amy Haskel, known as Bugaboo to her society brothers, is in her senior year at Eli University. She should have her future all mapped out, but right now her life is one huge mess. She is caught in the middle of a club war, her grad school applications are nowhere near done and her love life is in the toilet.

Jamie Orcutt is a graduate of Eli, but his duties to the Rose and Grave is a lifetime commitment. He is Poe to the secret society, and although he has been turned out by his own club, he still has a job to do.

Amy continues to find herself in one sticky situation after another. The last escapade of her club left her personally on their hit list. She soon comes to find out that the retaliation of Dragon’s Head, a rival society, is more of a personal vendetta. At the same time her ex-boyfriend comes waltzing back into her life, and she is thrilled. Brandon is the one who got away, and Amy knows that she did the pushing. However this time she is the one who gets burned, and spring break never looked so good. Getting out of the winter slush for a private island off the coast of Florida is just the vacation she needs. Cavador Key is the exclusive property of the Rose and Grave. Amy quickly realizes that her troubles are just beginning, and she finds a very unlikely ally in Poe. He may be her big sib’s best friend, but she and Jamie have never gotten along. However this time it is Poe who comes to her rescue, and the feelings that she has for him are starting to morph into something a whole lot sweeter than annoyance. The only problem is her, and with her track record, she is terrified of screwing this up.

This is a look into the overindulged and privileged lives of the co-eds at Eli University. They never have to work to get through college, so instead spend their time playing war in secret societies. You would think with the number of geniuses floating around, they would have more sense, but apparently not. They have little or no regard for responsibility or accountability until it is almost too late. I found the writing in this story to be very well executed, and the characters sadly realistic. These kids are exactly who become the leaders in this country…scary thought, is it not?

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