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ISBN# Unavailable
November 25, 2006
Mardi Gras Publishing
43 pages
Erotic romance, fantasy
Rating: 4 cups

Silfr is the quieter daughter of the goddess Freyja, and she is also a swan maiden. She has been sent to Middle Earth to perform a purifying ritual to clean the spot of all bloodshed. Shortly afterwards she is taken to become a love slave to Rulf.

Rulf, a Saxon chieftain, is widowed and has a lovely young daughter. He has stumbled upon the beautiful swan maiden and lays claim to her as his forevermore, never expecting what lies ahead.

Silfr must overcome her feeling of insecurity about herself and come to grips with being a mortal, instead of immortal. Rulf falls prey to the sorceress named Estheria and his only hope is Silfr. They must work together to conquer everything that fate throws at them.

Ring of Fire is a trip to a magical land that you can take in your mind and be back in time for dinner. The story is fresh and inviting. It has both good and evil, a dashingly handsome hero, and a beautiful heroine. They ooze love for one another. This is a tale that will not leave you disappointed.

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