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ISBN# 9781600541353
August 23, 2007
72 Pages
Modern-day Western romance/erotica
Rating: 4 Cups

Growing up, Ashern Ridley was always the spoiled little rich kid causing trouble. But he is now all grown up and is a different man. He has come home after his father’s death only to learn that their ranch is in dire financial trouble. In order to keep it from complete ruin he must ask for help from a source that he would rather not deal with; one named Madison Maddox.

Madison Maddox's life was always filled with hate for Ashern and his father. Believing Ashern is still as spoiled as he used to be, she decides to help him with the money for his ranch, but only on her terms. As much as she argues with him and believes she dislikes him, she is fighting her growing feelings for him.

Madison and Ashern lock horns more often than you can shake a stick at; they just get under each other's skin. Now, they must work together to make this project work or Ashern will lose a great deal. With a sick friend, a maid who wants Ashern for herself and a past filled with secrets, these two are on a bumpy ride. Who knows what their future may hold.

I like this story. It is filled with so much conflict and secrecy you cannot help but to want to read on to find out the answers to the many questions that arise through out the book. Ashern and Madison are a tumultuous couple and clash at every turn, yet underneath the conflict, there is something special between them. Without Amber and Dale, the story would not be complete. Ridley’s Rival is an overall great read.

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