ISBN:  0-7599-4480-6
July 2004
Hard Shell Word Factory
122 pages

Rachael Scott is a 24-year-old black-haired, violet-eyed college student in Wolf’s Point,
Montana.  She is alone and is doing just fine, until her best friend talks her into a blind
date with a rodeo cowboy.   Attending a bar brawl and watching a frightening bull ride
are just the places to get to know someone that could be in your future.  Rachael’s idea
of a future is Wolf’s Point, not chasing the rodeo.

Lynx (Wild Cat) Maddox is a 6’2” green-eyed, square-jawed, gorgeous hunk under a
Stetson hat.  He is a fourth generation rodeo cowboy whose family member, A.J.
Maddox, won their first Silver Buckle back in 1910.  Lynx is not looking for some buckle
bunny.  His first marriage left a bad enough taste in his mouth.  He is after his second
Silver Buckle for his brother, Austin.  

Lynx belongs on the Morningstar Ranch in Amarillo, Texas.  He just cannot convince
Rachael that she needs to come there too.  With his truck taking off and rolling because
of brakes that had received some special attention, Lynx is beginning to look like a
repeat of his brother, Austin, who died four years earlier in a car accident.  Can Rachael
finally figure out where her future lies or does Lynx need to just write her off as another
broken promise?  Will Lynx find out who wants him out of the way enough to attempt to
kill him?  The answers to both questions will keep you turning the pages.

Connie Vines is an excellent writer and author.   She is so good; she is bound to be at
the top of the Best Sellers’ list with each new book she writes.  Her story is a gripper
and her research is on the money.  This reviewer is from Ms. Vines’ hero’s hometown
and I have seen his like most of my life.  I strongly recommend Connie’s book to
everyone who loves a good old-fashioned Texas love story.  After all, we have all the
best and the biggest of everything in Texas, especially heroes.  

Brenda McCoy
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books