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ISBN# 9781885093516
July 2007
Hadrosaur/LBF Books
E-Book/Trade Paperback
240 Pages
YA Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

Ivy Peterson feels neglected by her parents and wishes to just get away and be somewhere else.

Lori is Ivy’s best friend. She is popular, pretty and Ivy invites her to go to Zandria.

While Ivy enjoys lunch at school, she looks through her journal while thinking on the spat with her mother. Each page brings back faint memories of Zandria. She sees drawings of Kaia, the fairy, and her mind is taken back to the first time they met. She recalls her dragon ride and the empress with the angelic face. It has been three years since she visited Zandria. Ivy feels guilty for not paying a brief visit. She begins to give it all much thought and conspires to leave for Zandria. If she leaves for a while, perhaps her mother will miss her. She invites Lori to come along then wonders why she did, for Lori is more comfortable at a mall or swimming then being around woodsy things. Lori is surprised with what she sees in Zandria, and Kaia is a bit jealous that Ivy has a new friend. When the palace is suddenly under attack, Ivy has more to consider than her two friends and their petty differences.

Dungeons, fairies, dragons, dwarfs, wizards, a wicked witch, a Fairy Queen, and a princess inside an enchanted forest, spin a lovely tale in Return To Zandria. This sequel to, ‘Talisman of Zandria,’ weaves Ivy’s story further, as she meets her friends once more. The reader is transported into beautiful imagery that is quite magical as Ivy and Lori race to help the people of Zandria. Christine Norris sketches a tale that young and old will enjoy. Once the reader opens the book, a remarkable journey not only awaits Ivy, but the audience, too, in this delightful tale.

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