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ISBN#: Unavailable
May 16, 2008
Amira Press
17 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

De'Anne Marseilles stands her ground when it comes to Nathan. His presence has always been there watching, waiting, until on All Hallow's Eve, she tells him never to return.

Nathan Bothwell will do anything to be with De'Anne again. He has waited an eternity for her, denying her nothing. Unfortunately, she refuses to accept him into her life again.

On All Hallow's Eve, De'Anne and Nathan's powers are the strongest. He keeps a close eye, not wishing to leave her. There is a loneliness that fills her soul. They first met in 1513. De'Anne had been turned one hundred ten years prior. The young vampire was out searching for nightly fodder when she stumbled upon him sitting by some rocks. The handsome man intrigued her like no human ever. She needed an escort to a ball. Nathan has been out at sea for a nearly a year, and wonders is it safe to be alone with such a tantalizing female? He accepts, never anticipating what would happen once he fell into her arms, but something changes between them, making Nathan wonder if she will ever return to him.

Wow, what incredible writing. This romantic read is not only sensual and luscious, but the slow-moving passion grabs the reader completely. De'Anne and Nathan have a love that lasts a lifetime. The way Dawn Dominique allows the characters to reminisce is transposed in a way that drew me in completely. She fashions characters that practically feel as if they are standing right beside you. There for a moment, I felt as if I was in a fog following along with Nathan and De'Anne, drifting with each word spoken. Stimulating, and sensually tantalizing, Dawne Dominique composes a hypnotic read.

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