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ISBN#: E-book-9781597053846/Paperback-9781597056588
January 2009
Wings ePress
256 Pages
Historical Romance/Western
Rating: 3 cups

Serendipity Beasely has had a tough life. She has lost her mother, father, brother, and three younger sisters all in the space of a few years. Now she has to raise her other sisters and keep the ranch and the land that her family owns, often not allowing anything for herself, including the man she loves.

Buck Calahan was gone for two years because Serendipity drove him away, but now that he is back and has a chance to see her, he is hoping they can reunite.

When Buck returns after two long years, Serendipity almost wishes he had not, especially since she is convinced he is now married to the woman he just arrived on the stagecoach with. However, things are not what they seem, and Buck has done some growing up, just as she has. Seeing her again has convinced him he still wants her to be his wife. But Serendipity is not sure what she should do because her brother’s dying words warned her about the Calahans. As they work towards renewing their relationship, they also work towards mending the rift between their families. Can she believe Buck’s words of everlasting love, or should she heed the words of her dead brother and keep both herself and her sisters who are also fast becoming involved with the Calahans, away?

I enjoyed just about everything in this story, with the exception of the way Indians are portrayed. Being Indian myself and aware of our history I had a difficult time with what seemed to me to just be stereotypical and in some cases unbelievable information. However, I did like the way that the sisters, including Serendipity are portrayed and their spunk which made the story fun. Buck and his brothers are a hoot and had me laughing with their antics, particularly Douglas’ on more than one occasion. For those who like their west wild, you do not want to miss this one!

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