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ISBN# 978-0-373-03948-7
April 2007
225 Duncan Mill Rd., Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3B 3K9
Price Unavailable
184 Pages
Series Romance
Rating: 3 cups

Colleen McKenna is a single pregnant woman desperate to hang on to the only home she has ever known. Racked with guilt over what she believes is her part in the death of Eamonn’s father, she is none too keen to see him again, though her heart still beats for him.

Eamonn has returned home too late to bury his father, and he just wants to sell the place that he feels destroyed his parents’ marriage and his own relationship with his father. He is not counting on finding a pregnant and alone Colleen trying to hold a place together that is slowly falling apart, nor on his sudden feelings for her.

After Colleen’s baby Evelyn is born, she is terrified to trust Eamonn enough to allow him to help her, so she steadily begins pushing him away. She is convinced that no matter how much he might help her, and appear to love Evelyn, he will one day leave for good. When it appears that her worst fears have come home to roost, she and Eamonn part; their situation unresolved. Will Colleen be able to overcome her fears of being abandoned? Will Eamonn be able to curb his wanderlust?

Rescued: Mother-To-Be is a sweet romance that is a pleasure to read. I enjoyed reading about Eamonn coming to terms with his feelings for Inisfree and Colleen. The descriptions of Ireland and Inisfree were well researched, and I savored reading them. Ms. Wylie has written a romance that anyone’s collection would be enhanced by.

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