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ISBN# 978-0-9800-146-1-7
September 2007
Mystic Moon Press
43 Pages
YA Science Fiction / Fantasy
Rating: 2 Cups

Amy Harrington is a citizen of Zan, a futuristic city. She is searching forbidden records to learn the truth about her father, who died when Amy was young.

Daniel (Dan) Felton is a member of a rebel group called the Luthers. He helps Amy to find information about her father.

Amy’s search for the truth only serves to reveal the lies of her own existence. With the help of Dan and the Luthers, she struggles to survive in an unfamiliar world as the conflict between Zan and the Luthers grows. Her beliefs and values are called into question and she is forced to decide between Zan and the Luthers.

There are some very interesting ideas expressed in this book. Glimmers of what the author is trying to achieve are visible on occasion but fail to come together to form a coherent story. Romance develops between Amy and Dan but it is poorly presented, even for a YA story. The author would have been better served to use this opportunity to explore the uncertainty of the attraction between Amy and Dan, rather than making it automatic, a choice that only makes it stiff and lifeless. Poor editing further hinders the story, particularly the frequent shifts in point of view.

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