March 2005
ISBN 1-933157-02-X
Draumr Publishing
394 Pages
Contemporary Romance

Elly wakes up in a hospital bed with no memory. A car accident has left her life a blank.
A man who says that he is her husband is very angry with her for leaving him, but she
does not remember him or the man she left him for. Also, she is pregnant and does not
know which one is the father.

Graydon’s world is torn apart when his meek wife leaves him. She leaves him a note
that shatters him. When he is notified that she has been in a serious car accident, he
rushes to her side. Though he thinks he hates her, he just cannot let her go.

Elly’s recovery from her amnesia is not the only problem. Her overbearing and
possessive husband dislikes the new and more independent Elly. She is coming out of
her shell, having been repressed by first her father and then Graydon.  Graydon has to
learn to let her find herself and to try to rebuild their marriage. He also has to adjust to
Elly’s pregnancy, since he never wanted children, especially not another man’s. Until Elly’
s memory comes back their future is in limbo.

The author does a really good job of describing the feelings of a woman who cannot
remember any part of her past. The tumultuous relationship between Elly and Graydon
will keep the reader interested. Elly is a doormat in the beginning and Graydon a bully,
but it is fascinating to see the balance of power in the relationship change. This is a
gripping read.

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance