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ISBN#: (10) 0-373-26620-0/ (13) 978-0-373-26620-3
December 2007
Worldwide Mystery (Harlequin)
225 Duncan Mill Rd., Don Mills, Ontario Canada M3K 3K9
Mass Market Paperback
296 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Cealie Gunther is not your average grandma. She is an independent business woman who has “changed her inner underwear”, but when her granddaughter Kat needs her she is there for her.

Kat Gunther is not sure if she is going to graduate. The murder of a janitor and the possible arrest of her mentor, Marisa Hernandez, have made it difficult for her to get to school. With her mother dead and her father still in mourning, she really needs her Grandmother.

The murder of a school janitor and a substitute teacher may cause Kat Gunther to not graduate from high school. She promised her late mother that she would and so did her grandmother Cealie. Cealie is in town for the graduation and nothing will stop her from making it happen, not even murder.

This is a well crafted mystery. There are many clues, but the solution is not easy to find amongst the emotional turmoil in both Kat’s and Cealie’s lives. Cealie obviously has deep feelings for Gil, but is afraid of committing herself again. Her jealousy over the woman she calls “Legs” is pretty funny. Gil is surprisingly still in love with Cealie, but does not let himself be a door mat. Kat is an appealing character and her father is so deep in his depression he is unaware of the events around him. Cealie’s stint as a substitute teacher is as productive as it is destructive to her rental cars. With interesting characters, a well plotted mystery, and plenty of action, this mystery is definitely recommended for readers who like to think as well as enjoy their novels.

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