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  Gods of Midnight Series:
  Book One: Red Fire
  Book Two: Red Kiss
  Book Three: Red Demon
  Novella Digital Download: Red Blooded

ISBN#: 978-0-451-22538-2 (10) 0-451-22538-4
October 7th 2008
SIGNET ECLIPSE/Penguin Group Inc.
375 Hudson Street New York NY, 10014
387 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Shayanna Angel knew that life held more for her then what was currently going on in her life. She knew deep down she had a calling for something bigger than just living a quiet ho hum life in Savannah Georgia. It is on the night after her mother’s funeral that her true destiny comes calling in the form of a dark angel.

Ajax Petrakos had made a deal with the preverbal devil. He was an immortal being birthed from the fires of the river Styx. For him and his six Spartan brothers it was their job to protect mankind and the world from demons from hell. Only one thing has kept this man going through the last thousand years the thought of his foretold destiny, Shayanna Angel.

It is a race against time for Ajax and Shay, will they be able to figure out the riddle of the latest prophecy foretold to Ajax by the Oracle before it is too late? With the evil Persian demon Elblas hot on their trail determined to make Ajax pay for his crimes, it will take more than just luck for these two to concur all and survive the battles to come. Ajax and Shay will need all their love, strength, and will power to make it to their final destiny in each other’s arms.

Red Fire is a scorching tale of danger, mystery, love and suspense. This book will have you on the edge of your seat from the very first page. The love scenes between Ajax and Shay will have you panting for more. Deidre Knight has done an amazing job of building a world that will pull you the reader in, and keep a tight hold on you until the very end. This is definitely a must read for anyone who loves paranormal romance stories.

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