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ISBN# 978-1-934475-01-0
April 2007
Amira Press, LLC
2721 N. Rosedale Street, Baltimore, MD 21216
$6.00 eBook/$11.99 Paperback
165 Pages
Chick lit
Rating: 4 Cups

Rebecca DiCecca has feelings for Greg. While attending a birthday party for Greg’s wife, Barbara, Rebecca has one to many drinks and ends up falling all over Greg, again.

Roron teaches a Women of Power class at Roron Jiu-Jitsu Institution. He and Rebecca dated until she left him for Greg. After Rebecca calls for a harassment class, he agrees to be her instructor.

The memory of Greg is still fresh in Rebecca’s mind. He made her feel special. It is hard facing the fact that Greg is married to someone else, and now they are expecting a baby. Greg still misses Rebecca and one little moment upstairs, he initiates a brief massage that leads to a moment of sexual gratification. No one expected Greg’s dad, Lester, to enter, catching them in the act. Lester is shocked. Rebecca is supposed to be a good Catholic girl and she is screwing his son, who has a pregnant wife. Lester is intrigued with Rebecca. He believes it is God’s plan to make an honest woman of her but his constant badgering and harassment become too much for Rebecca. She turns to Roron, an old friend who has his own self-defense class, never expecting to find a better deal in Roron’s arms again.

Rebuffing the Bishop is a potent non-stop read. Rebecca is a fascinating character who plays her part well. Roron is a great addition to the story and the training class is a good part of the plot. I believe it is something that all women should be well-aware of. I must say Lester plays a devious mental sicko very well. Christina Macone-Greene explores infatuation, and strong harassment, in a spellbinding story that kept this reader glued to each page. This page-turner grasps and holds long after the story is finished with an eye-catching ending.

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