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ISBN #: (13) 978-0-7582-1509-3/ (10) 0-7582-1509-6
September 2007
Kensington Books
850 Third Ave, New York, NY 10022
Trade Paperback
256 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 cups

Sophie is a secretary for a paranormal investigator, but she does not believe in vampires, ghosts, and the like. Her best friend is not looking well and her boss thinks that Dao’s wife is a lamia. She is willing to do anything for Dao, even believe in the unbelievable.

Ric is a vampire. His particular clan is rooted in science, but he needs to find some magical artifacts to save them. Of all the times in his three hundred and some odd years to find his soul mate and she needs the artifacts also.

To save her best friend from his lamia wife, Sophie must find some biblical artifacts and use them to kill the lamia. Her friend does not have much time left and Sophie needs the help of, but not the distraction from the two hunky vampires that currently want to claim her.

This is an enjoyable story with a lot of humor as well as some pretty scorching love scenes. Ric is pretty irresistible, but so is the other vampire, Julian. Unfortunately both have a bad habit of lying to Sophie and she hates lies. This is a rather unclear area of the book. Apparently her sister died because of some lie involving Sophie, but the author is rather vague about that and the malady suffered by Ric’s clan. If I would have had that important information this would have gotten another cup because the story is very involving and the characters vivid. This is a great story of a woman caught up in a world that she only thought existed in the movies. I loved the way that Sophie totally involved herself in both saving her friend and falling in love with a vampire.

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