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ISBN-10: 1-59279-645-1 (Electronic)/13: 978-1-59279-645-8 (Electronic)
Amber Quill Press, LLC
114 pages
Science Fiction / Futuristic / Exhibitionism / Public Places / Series
Rating: 3 cups

As a former Enforcer, Daelyn Kapri has killed many enemies. She now fights for the Freelion rebels to bring peace. She volunteers for numerous missions in hopes of righting her past. She also wonders why she spared the life of Alekos when she could have killed him. What was she thinking of, wanting to know more about him?

Alekos Andromeda, a rebel pirate, has been taken hostage along with his brother. Can they hope that his brother’s mate and others will be there in time to save them? And just what is the connection he feels toward the past Enforcer? Why did she spare his life and is now trying to save it?

Daelyn and Alekos are thrown into a savage war between rebels and must find a way to survive. They also share a connection that neither wants to admit they feel. Both feeling they don’t disserve a second chance after the things they have done in the past.

I would recommend reading the first and second books before this one. I found myself lost and confused in this book. Even though I liked the overall idea of the story. I found it to be a bit flat lacking the excitement factor.

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