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ISBN# 0-8095-5679-0
December 2006
Juno Books
Trade Paperback
Price: $12.95
288 Pages
Horror/Dark Fantasy/Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Nightmares and visions confront Amy Sullivan and now a dark presence stalks her.

Sarah is a good dependable friend to Amy.

His name is Rags and can do magic tricks and turn into many things. He has been Amy’s little dirty secret.

Xavier is a friend who tries to comfort Amy.

Louis Bouvier knew Amy from their youth. As years pass, he senses she needs protection so he moves closer to her.

Amy was told her family had no secrets and that only babies had Bogeyman nightmares; of which she knew there was no such thing. When mysterious dreams begin conspiring in her life, almost haunting her to the point of exhaustion, she senses danger. Something sinister creeps into her life. Xavier knows that Amy has bad dreams. He gives her a little fetish, a Desert Banded Gecko, to carry her bad dreams out the window. When she sees something in her mirror, she wonders if she is going crazy. Xavier thinks otherwise. He comments she might be suppressing memories. Years later, Louis enters her life and explains the same thing happened to his mother, a Voodoo Queen. Amy soon believes her whole life has been like a playground built on a toxic waste dump as the secrets begin springing to life. She can only pray that Louis is the solution.

Rags and Old Iron carries some bizarre happenings of the supernatural. Filled with a terror that electrifies, the infatuation is passionate and lingers with the unnatural that is so ghostly it continues to haunt hours later. Ms. Shannon gives a bone-chilling read that, at times, often appears realistic in every way. The motivating characters weave a tale that is thought provoking while often springing forth with some disquieting fears that engages the reader.

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