ISBN # 1555-5488
February 2006
Midnight Showcase
178 Pages
Contemporary Novella

Dave is devastated by the deaths of his wife and son. He is even more upset when he
finds out that his surviving son, the reason for his shotgun wedding, is not biologically
his. Not that he loves Colin any less than he did before.  The two of them need to make
a new start and the perfect opportunity lies in San Francisco. Even better, a surgeon
has perfected a procedure that might allow Colin to walk again. There is only one
problem: the surgeon, Ellyn Morrison, has known him since kindergarten and she hates

Ellyn has buried herself in her work during the last ten years. She has only ever been
attracted to one man in her life, Dave Lowry. Dave had only been interested in her
science notes or her body in the past, not her. So, after three strikes, she gave up on
him and moved as far away from him as possible.  Now he is back in her life, working at
her hospital, and he wants something from her again — surgery for his son.

Two old adversaries reunite after ten years. One wants his son to walk again; the other
just wants to be left alone. Dave and Ellyn have a chance at more, if she can only learn
to trust him again.

This is an uplifting romance. Dave and Ellyn truly need each other, but are too immature
to realize it. Colin is a great character, as is his friend Joey. A crisis involving Ellyn’s
health helps bring the characters and the story together. This is an entertaining story and
I highly recommend it.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books