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ISBN# (10) 0-553-80149-X/(13) 978-0-5853-80149-1
November 7, 2006
Bantam Dell Publishing Group
1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
564 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Hannah Bonner is half-Mohawk and also a doctor, and the half sister of Luke Bonner. An accomplished physician in the white manner, she is also trained in the ways of medicine practiced by her Mohawk relatives. When Luke’s wife is kidnapped, she goes with him on the long journey to find her and bring her home.

Luke Bonner is a merchant from Montreal, Canada and he uses his knowledge gained from such to help find his wife. He is desperate to reach her, and willing to do anything he has to, pay any price to have her safely with him again.

Jennet Bonner is the daughter of the Earl of Carryck of Scotland, and Lucas’s second cousin, as well as his wife. She endures much at the hands of the man who kidnaps her and his assorted brigands. In spite of this, she is a resistant woman and survives what she must endure, becoming even stronger for the ordeal.

When Luke and Hannah finally reach the Caribbean island where Jennet has been kept prisoner, Luke kills the man who took her. However, it is not the happy homecoming they had all hoped for. Jennet had given birth to Luke’s son while she was in captivity but, in order to protect him, she gave him to a stranger who extracted a horrible price in return. Desperate to reclaim their child, the three set off for Pensacola, Florida where the man lives, only to discover they are one step behind him. They must then go to New Orleans where he has taken their child. Amid the rumblings of the War of 1812, Jennet and Luke work towards reclaiming their lost child, healing deep emotional wounds and rediscovering love. Meanwhile, Hannah has her own problems. An old lover returns and a new one is taken. Meanwhile, an old enemy waits in the background for his chance to strike. Will the child be reclaimed? Will Jennet be able to tell Luke her terrible secret? Will Hannah be able to resolve her love life? Only time has the answers.

Rich with historical detail, Queen of Swords is a book you cannot put down. The author’s understanding of Indian culture and customs is outstanding. The prolific detail with which Ms. Donati describes life in New Orleans in the early 1800’s for Indians, blacks and whites and how they all related to each other is unsurpassed, and very accurate. The relationships, familial, spousal and friendship-wise, are easy to relate to and realistic at their core. The romances tend more towards the sweet end and are genuine, which makes the book that much more enjoyable. This book will be a handsome addition to the collections of both lovers of romance and lovers of history. I look forward to reading Ms. Donati’s next book.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books