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ISBN # 978-1-906328-10-8
July 2007
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82 Pages
Contemporary/Lesbian/Ménage à trios
Rating: 2 Cups

Ignored by her husband, Ronda has has taken a woman lover. Angela has shown her what it real love is like. She is on a junk with her husband in the middle of nowhere when he up and leaves but he leaves a surprise behind, Angela.

Angela is a psychic detective as well as Rhonda’s lover. She is helping the FBI try to stop terrorists from attacking an oil depot and pumping station. And now they have met Joan and Angela is slightly jealous of the way Rhonda has taken to her.

Angela and Rhonda are lovers who have spent more time together since Rhonda’s husband ignores her most of the time. They have met up with Joan who falls into their relationship with some slight jealousy on Angela's part. They are trying to figure out what Rhonda’s husband’s company has to do with a terrorist plot, if anything. They also need to work out some issues between the three of them in order to move forward.

I just did not get this story. Maybe reading the first one helps even though Ms. Archer provides a quick preface with the story up to present. I enjoyed the concept of the story but I just felt it lacked something. This book was not for me but fans of Ms. Archer might enjoy it.

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