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ISBN #: (10) 9780373802647/ (13) 0373802641
February 2007
225 Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3B 3K9
Trade Paperback
553 pages
Rating: 5 cups

What happens when you fall into the crystal face of a hillside? Well, if you are Callista Torcher, you do not wake up in Kansas, or even Colorado. Callie woke up in another dimension. It does have one great thing though; telepathic flying horses. Apparently the people that summoned her needed help with the winged horses, the volarans. What a professional barrel racer with a broken pelvis could do with monsters and a few other tasks was a good question. Magic is the answer. There is even a magical ceremony that will bring Callie’s love.

Chevalier Marrec Gardpont was from Lladrano. He was a penniless soldier with a dream. Marrec just had to make his fortune in order to buy a parcel of land where he could retire and ranch. Was the new exotic the answer to all of his dreams?

In a strange land, the third Exotique, Callie was needed to perform a specific task. Before that could happen, a couple of problems had to be taken care of. The first problem was that no one seemed to know what the task was. The second was that someone was trying to hurt Callie. A world of castles, swords, and flying horses is surprisingly also filled with monsters in all shapes and sizes. We also have to have a hero. Marrec has a bond with the volarans. Can his skill as a Chevalier keep Callie safe and protect their future?

Not since Anne McCaffrey have I enjoyed a fantasy so much. I could not put the book down. The sun was coming up when I finally sighed, put the book on the table, and sat in front of the computer to order the other two books of the series. Ms. Owens deserves all of her awards and more. If there was a Nobel Prize for the ability to provide visions and beauty with the English language, Ms. Owens would be the hands-down winner. While I was reading, I could see everything living color. I recommend everyone trade in their dragons for flying horses. I am.

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