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ISBN# Unavailable
July 2008
Resplendence Publishing
228 pages
Rating 4 Cups

Georgina Coleman is an old maid at 28. When her employer, the Pacific Bank, offers her a new post in America, Georgina decides leaving London and starting a new life is just what the doctor ordered. A new job, a new image. All she needs now is a man. Deciding to use her strengths, Georgina makes a project to seduce a man. First on the list, find a man.

Rick Matisse is the cop who lives downstairs. The only difficulty may be his twelve-year-old daughter Angelina. Rick has been a single father for a year, but living with a nearly teenage girl and working as a cop have left him without a love life. When Georgina moves in upstairs and shows an interest in him and Angelina, he quickly starts chasing her, until he finds out she is still a virgin.

Georgina makes a chart with targets and a time line. Everything has to be done in the right order before she can allow herself to take a man to her bed. When Rick starts to move too quickly, fear makes Georgina go back to her list. Once Rick has unknowingly met all the Targets on Georgina's list, he is the one whose fear puts the breaks on the relationship.

Both these characters have difficult and understandable issues they need to deal with, both together and alone. How they deal with their fears is endearing and sweet. Building a relationship with the help of a sassy 12-year-old is not something I would like to attempt. How they got past good morning is amazing, funny and a pleasure to read. This original story made me laugh and cry as these three build their relationships. Ms. March has written another extraordinary story that kept me reading until the early hours.

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