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ISBN# (10)0758219865/(13)9780758219862
November 2007
Aphrodisia (Kensington Publishing)
850 Third Ave., New York, NY 10022
Trade Paperback
304 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 cups

Julie Devereaux Driscoll is beaming on her wedding day until she cannot locate Brian, the groom, when it is time to cut the cake. Even the best man has left. Branching out to look for him, she finds him in a utility closet with his new assistant.

Chris Dennison is everything his brother Brian is not. Chris has always been considered the black sheep of the family. He finds Julie attractive and wishes he could have been the one to have her before Brian grabbed her.

Julie is anxious to get the wedding reception over so she and Brian can leave for their honeymoon but it appears it is not going to happen. She tells her guests she is leaving after catching Brian having sex with his assistant. Brian apologizes. He is a sex addict and cannot stop. Julie smashes cake in his face and leaves. She searches for Chris for some consoling. Chris has managed to build Holley Cay Resort, with no help from his father or brother, Brian. He is nothing like his father and brother, who are womanizers. Julie has always ignited a blaze in him hard to put out. For five years he has dreamed of her in every way. After he leaves for his resort, Julie follows. She wants nothing more to do with Brian and seeks an annulment. Brian refuses to sign any annulment papers, thanks to Julie’s dad, Grant. It appears her situation is causing too many headlines, ruining their business. Grant insists that Julie temporarily stay with Brian for two years until things calm down. If she refuses, she will be disinherited and disowned. Chris loves Julie deeply and can support her. He fears she will be afraid to stand up to her father. Grant has always been in control of everything and Julie hates disappointing family. Julie loves Chris. This time it must be her decision no matter what the consequences.

I was completely blown away by Private Party. The wedding scene immediately threw me in. I could share Julie’s pain during the reception. I did love her performance for the guests. Julie is a compassionate character and I could feel her pain when she had to always be agreeable to her parents. Chris has the same affliction with his family as the black sheep and I felt these two worked well together. Jami Alden has blended a well-written story that I found most gratifying. Her scenes are powerfully sexy, often emotionally heartfelt, and she allows her characters to dance from the pages and this scorching read is no exception.

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