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ISBN#: 9781906590512
February 2008
Total-E-bound books
62 pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Kieran Sinclair is at the end of a five year quest to find his mate. A Fae princess cursed the Sinclairs many years ago. Kieran was charged with leaving their magical home of Drahcir to search for a destined mate, with only five years to complete the task and return home before the whole of Drahcir and all its occupants disappear.

Aimary, the Fae commander, tells Gwyn that it is her destiny to marry the prince Kieran, but to do this she must leave her home so he can find her. For nearly five years Gwyn lives in a village at the foot of the mountains close to Drahcir.

Saynarra has cursed the Sinclairs. She is not satisfied with hiding their mates through time, making the task of finding them more difficult. Saynarra also sends a hideous beast, the Tnarg, after Kieran and the woman, to kill them before they can be safely returned to Drahcir. When Kieran finally finds Gwyn it is with days to spare. They must return to Drahcir, but can they out run the Tnarg?

A magical story of the battle against evil. Where love can break the spell of a Fae, and happily ever after is more than a possibility. This is the fourth book in The Royal Chronicles. It is also an excellent end to the series. Both Kieran and Gwyn are strong and respectable characters taking what life or in this case a miffed Fae has thrown at them, and making life better. I can not think of a better way to spend a few hours then sitting in the sun reading such a well written short story.

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