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ISBN#: Unavailable
October 28, 2008
Freya’s Bower
20 Pages
Sweet Romance/Fairy Tale
Rating: 3 Cups

Princess Madeline is on a mission. Not only do her parents, but Prince Henry’s parents, insist she fall in love with Henry and become his wife. That is easier said than done, especially when Henry confesses they can only be friends.

Prince Henry needs a wife to produce an heir. Unfortunately, he lives with a curse thanks to a wicked witch. Due to a wrong judgment, Henry has lived five long years with a painful spell that only makes his days bitter.

Prince Henry would love to find love and happiness. After Princess Madeline
arrives at the castle, Henry is smitten but knows he cannot love her. Madeline quickly warms up to him and will not take no for an answer. Henry tries to speak to the witch that placed the spell on him, but he quickly learns his words fall on deaf ears. The more time he spends with Madeline, he is more intrigued, but finally must face the fact it is not to be. He can only share a friendship with her, which does not sit well with Madeline. Will Henry be able to find a way to allow him to be King with Madeline as his Queen?

I must say Prince Henry’s Secret hypnotized me completely. The way Henry and
Madeline make eye contact was so visual. Their expressions are genuine in this fairy tale, allowing this reader to share in their pain. One can practically feel the affliction that Henry endures with the curse. Esmerelda Bishop does a fantastic job in the creating of Madeline and Henry. She pens a romance that springs to life, with great dialogue and colorful players, in an elegant read that really feels lifelike in every area. This dynamite story produces a loud punch, with a good moral clause.

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