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ISBN#: 9781596323063
January 2009
Loose ID
108 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Peter is a journalist working on a story who gets side-tracked by thoughts of the artist, Nick Olson. Then he walks in on Nick standing over a woman dying from stab wounds.

Nick Olson is an artist trying to rebuild his career after suffering through a scandal. He is not looking for a new relationship. Peter is the first man he has found interesting enough, but it appears he is reporting on Nick’s involvement in the murder of a fellow artist.

Peter must discover the story behind Nick’s life but would rather find a place at Nick’s side. Armed with a list of suspects, Peter sets out to find the truth. Together Peter and Nick must discover whether their relationship can make it despite the shroud of murder.

The story line was interesting, but the book drags in places. The murder mystery itself was laid out well, and the identity of the killer was well hidden until the end. It was unclear for most of the book what the Russian tea house had to do with the main plot. It was often distracting until the end when the author pulled it all together.

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