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ISBN# 0-9817144-0-4
May 2008
Lyrical Press
65 Pages
Rating: 4 cups

Mercy has been a vampire for over 200 years and she is sick to death of the lifestyle. Desperately lonely and still furious over the way she was unwillingly changed into a vampire, she takes out her anger on the humans around her.

Chase is a young man who comes from wealth. Like Mercy, he is sick of his life and seemingly pointless existence.

Lately Mercy has been smelling the scent of jasmine in different areas of her domain. The scent reminds her of someone she used to know, someone who hates her and would do anything for revenge. One night when she spots Chase in a local bar, she also discovers who the awful scent is attached to. Unfortunately, the person knows Chase, the first man to light her fire in decades. At first when Mercy takes him home it is to get a little slap and tickle, but it is not long before her heart is engaged. Will this unlikely pair get a happy ending, or will someone from Mercy’s past destroy what they have found?

In Prey for Mercy, Ms. Rought returns to the roots of vampire lore. While drawing deeply from this well, she spins a dark but realistically written tale. Told in the first person, Mercy’s plight comes brilliantly alive from the very first words of her story and quickly draws the reader into her world. Though Mercy’s existence is dark and bloody, Ms. Rought still manages to show her human side, keeping this reader on the edge of her seat. By bringing in a man who is not afraid of Mercy’s darkness into the picture, the author gives two very different people a semblance of hope. If you love vampire stories, then you will adore Prey for Mercy!

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