ISBN# 1-933563-19-2
January 2006
Siren Publications
83 Pages

Charlotte is a young society woman who wraps herself up in wanting to be a feminist,
but knows that most of her life may be mapped out by family responsibilities. She wants
to be an artist, and has left her home in San Francisco to take lessons in Paris during
the Belle Epoch period. At night though, she is moved through dinners and balls
displayed as the best of debutantes.

Paul de Sainte is introduced to Charlotte and feels an unbelievable pull to possess her.
He is a wonderful artist whose talent impresses her as much as his demeanor assaults
her. Paul shows Charlotte the brutal truth of her art and cannot control his outburst when
she disappoints him.

Charlotte and Paul must either find their life together or succumb to societal norms
apart. There can be no middle ground for this couple, for their love or their art. It takes a
daring move to bring things to the emotional and physical brink.  

Portrait of Desire is a good book that starts slowly, but recovers quickly into an
intriguing love story. Charlotte's quest for discovery and art is well written, and you can
feel her emotional upheavals. Paul is an unusual alpha male. His disapproval of
Charlotte is shocking, but by the end his utter devotion is redeeming. The background
characters are very much a part of the story, and exactly what one expects in a Belle
Epoch romance. The sex was delightful and very hedonistic. Portrait of Desire is part of
a trilogy by Siren Publications, and some of their best work.  

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books