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ISBN# 978-0-06-089804-5
January 2007
Harper Perennial
10 East 53rd St., New York, NY 10022
Trade Paperback
272 Pages
Women’s Fiction
Rating: 3 Cups

Polly is a typical child growing up in the eighties. She is into designer jeans, being a cheerleader, the GoGo’s and the cute boys at school. That evolves into wearing black, punk rock, drugs and sex. Her parents are divorced and her father lives in another state. Her stepfather is okay, but sarcastic, and she actually gets along with her mother for the most part.

The eighties was an interesting time to grow up. Punk rock was getting popular, as was wearing all black. The world is changing rapidly, more than ever before. There is something darker about it than the more optimistic 60’s and 70’s, as the music and clothing indicate.

Polly is the story of a young girl coming of age in the 1980s. She goes through all the rites of passage of junior high through to college in her own particular way.

Polly’s life story is told in an interesting way. She actually seems to be growing up in front of the reader’s eyes; the writing style and dialogue mature along with her. She is a likeable character, if a bit self centered, and her friends and boyfriends are a colorful bunch. Overall, the author has captured the era pretty accurately and has written an entertaining story.

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