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Blue Collar Wolves

Book 1: Weremones
Book 2: PMSing
Book 3: Making Tracks
Book 4: White Hat Wolf
Shopping Showdown
Book 5: Creature Comforts

ISBN# 158608
March 2007
New Concepts Publishing
111 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 cups

Psychic Karen Ridley is running from a mad man bent on her destruction. In her dash for freedom she returns to the one place she knows is safe. Unfortunately, she does not want to tell anyone that she has returned.

Brandon Weis is Wolven and one of Karen’s closest friends. He has always loved Karen, but she wanted his twin brother, or so he thought. Having found her again, he has no intention of letting her go.

When Karen’s enemy fills her tiny hotel bathroom with scorpions she is terrified. Naked and hanging onto her sanity by a thread she is ecstatic to hear Brandon’s voice outside the bathroom window. Brandon who hauls her to safety, has a difficult time because Karen is in heat. He wants her but he is still hung up on the fact that she wanted his twin rather than him. He is also still dealing with his childhood sexual abuse. Karen’s return leads the mad man to those she loves. Will she and Brandon be able to work out their differences and find a way to be together, or will the mad man destroy everything she holds dear?

PMSing is a fantastic and fun paranormal read! The world building is phenomenal. The author’s ability to blend in secondary characters is without equal. Her explanation of psychic abilities was clearly well researched and made the story believable. I enjoyed the tug of war between Karen and Brandon as they tried to find their place within the pack, and back to each other. Brandon’s feelings and reactions to those around him because of the abuse he suffered is well written and easy to understand. The sex is blistering hot. If like me you like a little wolf with your stud then this is your book!

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