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ISBN# 978-1-60435-201-6
September 11, 2008
Red Rose Publishing
22 pages
Contemporary Erotic Romance
Rating 5 Cups

Serena wants a tattoo, she just does not know what she wants. Jenny drags Serena to the tattoo store and knowing what she wants leaves Serena to look through all the pictures available. Serena finds the exact picture she wants -- the eyes of the man in the tattoo she has found draw her. Jack the tattoo artist refuses.

A warrior cursed to spend his life as a tattoo. He is able to visit Serena as a man at night, making love to her in a way she has never experienced before.

Serena walks her friend home, and when Jenny is safe inside, she returns to the shop. Determined to get her tattoo she begs the artist. Jack explains the man in the picture is cursed and he never wanted it to be a real tattoo. Giving in, he agrees to ink Serena's back. She starts to become sexually aroused from the pain and the thoughts of the man in the tattoo. Serena soon starts to have visits from her cursed friend.

This is a very hot and erotic story that opened my imagination to new possibilities. I have tattoos, and I have never had a reaction like Serena's, but I would be tempted to get more if that would happen! Serena is a bright and independent girl who knows what she wants and goes all out to get it. It is this strength of character that makes this story flow so smoothly. Ms Chase has written an imaginative sexy book that introduced me to something I thought I knew about. I am looking forward to reading more of her high quality exotic books.

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