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ISBN# (13) 9781594145391/(10) 1594145393
November 2006
Five Star Publishing/An Imprint of Macmillan Library Reference
3085 Universal Drive, Mississagua, Ontario, Canada L4X 2E2
215 Pages
Rating: 4 cups

Jessie has her life just the way she wants it. She has a sort of boyfriend who is okay with a non-exclusive relationship, a job in a vintage boutique that allows her to indulge her love of beautiful clothes, a wacky best friend, and a good part in an Off Broadway play that feeds her inner drama queen. However, everything in her life seems to come to a screeching halt when she sets her eyes on Mick, the guy who is designing the sets for the play she is in. Suddenly, her life and her emotions are on a roller coaster ride that she is beginning to wonder if she can survive.

Mick is a set designer, and while he is attracted to Jessie, he is wary. He has an ex-girlfriend who is an actress, as well as a stalker, so he is afraid to trust his attraction to Jessie. Also, his stalker ex-girlfriend has had no problem going after his dates. And even though Jessie gets his wise-cracking, and they both love old movies, there is plenty for Mick to be wary of, especially when it appears that Jessie has a boyfriend and that she is reluctant to let him very close.

When Jessie and Mick begin getting closer, Jessie realizes she has never felt this way before, and she knows she is going to have to tell Mick about Kyle. However, explaining that Kyle is just a friend that she just happens to sleep with when he is in town is difficult for Mick to understand. Then when serious accidents begin happening that endanger Jessie’s life, they each have more to think about and deal with than anyone should have to handle. Will Jessie survive the so-called accidents? Will Mick be able to get over his feeling of betrayal? Or will Mick’s ex-girlfriend, and Jessie’s friend Kyle, help destroy what they have found with each other?

More a romantic comedy than a romantic suspense, though there are suspenseful elements, Playing Nice is a book I savored reading. Ms. Daniels’ talent for wit, humor, and sarcasm is unsurpassed in this reviewer’s opinion. The application of said humor, wit, and sarcasm throughout the book made this a very amusing and enjoyable read. The characters have well-rounded personalities and are very easy to relate to, giving them the appearance of someone you could meet on the street, or someone you already know. The descriptions of what a severe allergy reaction is like were very realistic and, on point, obviously well-researched. The New York setting is so well described you feel like you are right there with Jessie walking down the streets and living that fast-paced life. Playing Nice is a very amusing read with just enough scares to keep the story moving along wonderfully. I highly recommend Playing Nice to those who enjoy a good laugh with some fright thrown in along the way!

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