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ISBN: 978-1-60088-171-8
September 28, 2007
Cobblestone Press, LLC
77 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Dana Kavanagh is turning thirty, and for her birthday all she wants is to stay home. Her quest for the “one” has been unsuccessful and she is tired of the club scenes. Her fantasy man hangs on her bedroom wall and so far there has been no real competition.

Sir Conn Hennessey is condemned to a life of voyeurism. His whole existence for the past 900 hundred years has been watching life go by from a painting. However the last 20 years of watching Dana have proved the hardest of all.

The painting in Dana’s bedroom has been passed on for generations to the women in her family and has always intrigued her. The look in the man’s eyes makes her dream of meeting him and fuels her most erotic fantasies. She only wishes she could find the real thing. Conn has loved Dana for so long and watching her long for a man in her life is excruciating. He wants to be the man that gives her all the pleasure and love she so deserves. He is given one chance to fulfill that dream but he has only two days to accomplish it. Can Conn convince Dana that he is her one true love, or will his existence be forever limited to viewing her from afar?

This story is a fairy tale come true. Dana is such a sincere and lovable character. She pours her heart out to a fantasy and when that fantasy comes true she goes for it. Conn is truthful and caring to Dana. He realizes his past mistakes and does what he must to correct them. They are both passionate and strong and this makes the story one hot and sexy read. Ms. Rylon is a true talent and her love scenes are scorchers!

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