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ISBN: 1-4196-1299-9
August 2005
BookSurge Publishing, An Company
Seattle, Washington
296 Pages
Fantasy / Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Phiandra is the daughter of King Idam of Nauplia, and the goddess Selena. Her beauty and humanity are renowned to all but her brother Phities. He detests her beyond all reason, and vows revenge for a grievance that she never incurred.

Hercules is the son of Zeus. He has roamed the world for years, using his great size and strength to help those in need. He longs for peace and quiet and a family to call his own, his years of flagrant womanizing and mischief long behind him.

Phiandra is terrified of her brother Phities. Since before their father’s death, she knew that he harbored a hatred for her that was as unfounded as it was horrifying. Her very presence seems to send him into a rage, and now that King Idam is dead, her life is in grave danger. Running for her life, Phiandra crosses paths with the great Hercules. He is instantly enthralled with her stunningly beautiful eyes, eyes that reflect the miraculous color of the Aegean. He vows to be her protector, allowing nothing and no one to ever harm her again. He has finally found a woman that can tame the beast within, and he is not about to lose her. However, the evil that has invaded Phities' mind will not be squelched. He eventually learns of Phiandra’s continued existence, and begins a crusade of destruction meant to crush her heart and soul.

Oh, how the mighty fall, and none fall harder than the powerful Hercules for the beautiful and young Phiandra. The talented Ms. McLaughlin wonderfully portrays their love story. Her detailed imagery of the country and its people make the reader feel like they could reach out and touch it. Her characters are also well developed and very intriguing. The love between Phiandra and Hercules is palpable, their feelings and emotions brought to life. If you enjoy Greek mythology, and especially a great love story, this is for you.

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