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ISBN# (10) 0505527863 (13) 978-0505527868
November 2008
Dorchester Publishing
200 Madison Avenue, Suite 2000, New York, New York 10016
352 pages
Super Hero Romance
Rating 5 cups

Lainy Livingston has spent most of her life with the ambition of working for the Elite Hands of Justice. Finally as Phenomenal Girl 5 she is going to work with the top superheroes in the world. If only she could do something about those nonexistent costumes. She just has to get through two years of training with The Reincarnist, which might not be so hard if she could just concentrate on the work and not the man.

Robert Elliot has lived many lifetimes. Each time he dies just to return as a twenty year old man with the same magic but not all the memories. Each of The Reincarnist’s personas are different. Robert is a withdrawn perfectionist who trusts only Dr Benjamin Rath head of the EHJ. Whereas, Wesley is more open and energetic. When Lainy walks into his life, Robert finds his professionalism slipping as he falls for this sassy young girl with a pure soul.

There is something major going on in the world of super heroes, and Robert knows Lainy is the target. Unable to reach her in time, he uses magic to return her to life, knowing it could cause his death, and he may not remember her when he returns. Lainy hates Wesley Charles who has taken the place of Robert -- something she does not want to forgive him for. Wesley works hard at breaking down her barriers, and then one day he remembers.

This well-developed world of magic and mayhem has everything a super hero needs. World recognition and the necessary arch enemies, what else would you want? Lainy wants to save the world, wearing black leather, her strength and selflessness show in her aims and in not caring if anyone knows who she really is. Except Robert or Wesley, well both really. Falling in love with Robert is a wonderful heart-warming experience. Waiting for him to die, I had tears in my eyes. Then, as this love starts to build again, I am touched by the wonder and hesitation between them. This debut novel is set in the world of superheroes and super powers, but the real strength is in Ms Menden’s ability to put the reader in her book, laughing and crying and falling in love with her characters.

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