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ISBN# 1-934057-74-6(e-Book)/1-934057-75-4(trade paperback)
February 2007
Ocean’s Mist Press
E-Book/Trade Paperback
169 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Nicey owns Pamper Me, a dating service that helps people find their soul mates. If only she could find her own.

Spencer is a successful attorney with a soap opera star for a sister. Cindy has made it impossible for him to find someone to love. All he meets are women determined to use him to get to his spoiled self-centered sister.

Nicey and Spencer have a lot in common. Both have very busy careers and little time for romance. Spencer has the added complication of his awful sister Cindy, who has few if any redeeming qualities and I wondered why Spencer put up with her when their own parents have cut her from their lives. Two people in search of their soul mate have to overcome their own fears and insecurities to love each other. Racial influences and family and friends may also keep them apart.

Nicey has many insecurities that keep her from relationships and meddling friends who think they know what is best for her. I found her dislike of people in uniform particularly irrational and clichéd. I also thought that the author made a little too much of the interracial angle of the story. The plot can stand on its own without that information being repeated. Other than those two points this is an entertaining romance.

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