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ISBN# 978-0-9804263-2-8
October 2007
Eternal Press
73 Pages
Young Adult Fantasy
Rating: 4 cups

Elizabeth is eleven when she first frees a fairy Tut from glass. Tut asks Elizabeth for her help to find other fairies that have captured by Thygerod a wicked force; trying to enslave humans to his every command and destroy humanity, as we know it. So Elizabeth starts on her quest.

Tut also tells Elizabeth a secret about her family, and how Thygerod swears to destroy her family and any children they have along the line. Elizabeth and Tut finds the Castle of Oberon and learns that Lady Tatiana is also captured by Thygerod. With a list of how to get to Thygerod, Elizabeth and Tut must take on the six mountains known as the Six Sisters and help any fairies captured there-in.

As Elizabeth goes on this journey, they are nearly captured by trolls and ogres. Tut and Elizabeth knows they cannot fail, as each mountain is climbed they found all the fairy’s except one. But then they are lead to where Thygerod is and that is the ultimate battle. Elizabeth knows she has to free the fairies and especially Lady Tatiana, but how? And if Elizabeth is caught she would be put under the spell of Thygerod, Elizabeth only knows this; she cannot fail.

Wow, what a wonderful adventure. This author takes you on one girl’s quest to help free fairies, but also to help her family and do good for human kind. On this quest you get to meet ogres, trolls and other phenomenal creatures. What I loved about Elizabeth is although young, she is very wise for her age. You will fall in love with Tut and Mr. Aquila, and each step of their journey is riddled with evil traps they could fall in. This is a spectacular tale that you will wish would never end.

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