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ISBN: 1-897370-08-3
January 2008
Lachesis Publishing
1787 Cartier Court, RR 1, Kingston, Nova Scotia, B0P 1R0
Trade Paperback
313 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Genny Lynn Whitley aka…who knows? Her memory is a like a mysterious fog teasing at the edge of her consciousness. The one thing that she is sure of is the trust she has in Luc.

Luc-Rene Savard is a very wealthy businessman. His family fortune is not something he takes lightly, and will never let his hateful wife get her hands on it. Her machinations have already cost him more than just money.

Genny is so far beyond confused; she does not even know where to start. Her life before the accident is nothing but a blur, and her husband hates her guts. The fact that she feels like she can trust him, is just one of many questions swirling around in her head. He feels safe, and right now that is exactly what she needs. Luc cannot believe he is having feelings for Genny Lynn, but no matter how hard he tries to avoid them he cannot. She is so unlike the woman he married, that his heart fills with love for her. He promises to help her find the truth, but what if that means getting Genevieve back instead of Genny? Every memory she gets back gives Genny the horrific realization that her life is not the only one on the line.

The questions just keep coming, and the suspense is a killer. I guarantee the end is so worth it. Ms. deHart will keep you on the edge of your seat from page one. Her characters are so vivid and strong, and the plot line is fantastic. The journey that Genny takes through her paintings is depicted so well that I felt like I could actually see them. I love the suspense and the sweet romance, and gladly recommend this to readers.

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