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On the Prowl Series

Book 1 - On the Prowl
Book 2 - Prowl the Night

ISBN-13: 978-0-7582-2900-7, 10: 0-7582-2900-3
May 2009
Kensington Publishing Corporation
304 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Claim Me

The North American Panther Pride is led by Antonio Cruz, and as the head of the pride, it is his job to insure the safe and continued existence of his panthers. To do so he must mate and produce heirs, which is easier said than done.

Solana Perez is a pariah amongst her own kind. Being a shifter who cannot shift makes her an outcast, and as such she has had to make her own way for a very long time.

At his age, Antonio was beginning to think he would never find his mate. They are predestined for each other, and when he comes across Solana, he knows. When he learns of her “handicap,” his world comes to a screeching halt. He is now caught between his duty to his pride, and his crushing desire for the woman he loves.

This should make any hot-blooded female purr with pleasure. Antonio is the ultimate in masculinity and unadulterated sex appeal. Be prepared to sweat!

Take Me

She left at eighteen with no intentions of going back, but Andrea Cruz is unable to refuse her brother’s request. Their dominating father is gone, and it is time to move on and reunite the family.

Miguel Montoya is Antonio’s second in command. His native Brazil holds little appeal, and he is much more at home with the Cruz family than with his own.

As an ex-model and now clothing designer, Andrea is fiercely independent and wants it to stay that way. She will take orders from no one, and refuses to submit even though she craves the thrill of being dominated. She was hurt too badly, but when she discovers Miguel is her mate, her body longs to be taken.

Trust is a sacred and precious commodity for someone who has been abused. Miguel is a master dominator, and his skills are key to unlocking Andrea’s heart. This is an intense and powerfully erotic story.

Need Me

Isabel Rivera is running for her freedom and maybe even her life. She is sick with dread over a panther who claims she is his mate when clearly he is not.

The Cruz twins, Diego and Ricardo live life on the edge and do almost everything together, including extreme sports, women, and getting law degrees. Their father may be dead, but after years of his condemnation, they still feel the need to prove themselves.

Isabel was certain she would never feel safe again, after the death of her parents, and the subsequent assault of Enrique. She turns to the only people she knows who can give her a chance at a life, the Cruz family. She needs asylum, but she gets so much more. She can have two fiercely protective as well as gorgeous panthers, and if she is strong enough to accept, two astoundingly loyal and loving mates.

The bond between the Cruz twins and Isabel is a blazing inferno of sexual desire. Their relationship is passionate, extremely erotic, and utterly delectable.

If you are looking for something to escape the cold, On The Prowl will certainly put a flush of heat in your cheeks. Each story is beautifully executed and extraordinarily sexy. Plot is not compromised for pleasure, and the characters will hold your attention with ease. Crystal Jordan is a definite favorite and sure to deliver the best in passion-filled romance.

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