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ISBN# 9781921347740
October 2008
The Dark Castle Lords Publications
E Book
122 pages
Rating: 3 cups

Only in Spirit

Bianca Saint-Antoine--Bibi--is on her way to a Halloween party when she is accosted by four men. As the men are attempting to rape her, a stranger appears from out of nowhere to save her.

Armande de Lavigne convinces Bibi to skip the Halloween party. Instead, he takes her to his home where he is hosting a recital for a young pianist. Life takes a weird turn for Bibi when she discovers the man she is falling in love with is a spirit.

This story is one that stretches the imagination to its limits. Ms. Hofman uses the paranormal to take the reader on an adventure that is unbelievable, yet interesting.

Valentino’s Ghost

Camilla is being held captive in rural Colorado. Her captors are using her to make internet pornography. When a fifteen year old boy is captured, Camilla is convinced she needs to save him.

The ghost of Rudolf Valentino appears to Camilla after she is found hiding in his rusted out car at a local dump. Taken to the hospital, Camilla is near death and slips into a coma.

This is an interesting look at death. I enjoyed the way that Valentino behaves with Camilla. He finds her desirable, but knows that when she wakes, her future will be waiting for her.

Castle on the Moor

A young American couple, Peter and Faye, arrive at the castle to begin renovations for the new owners, The Rappist Monks. They find the castle in perfect condition and inhabited by a man named Percival.

Percival believes he has sold the castle to the Trappist Monks of old days, not a rock band of the current time. Chaos erupts, and Percival shows that he is not a living man, but a spirit.

Magic and mayhem are the things that Mr. Haworth gives the reader with his delightful story. With a dash of humor and a bit of history, this tale comes to life.

This is a great anthology. The history and paranormal collide in these stories, keeping the reader wanting more. All three authors made my imagination go wild with their individual tales of spirits and the afterlife. Each author gives a different take on the spirit world, offering refreshing viewpoints. This is a book full of magic and imagination.

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