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ISBN# 978-1-60310-136-3
November 2007
Red Sage Publishing
47 Pages
Rating: 4 cups

Jillian Anderson owns the Old Age Saloon. She has cared about Luke since junior high school, and they have had an off again, on again sexual relationship. However, this time Jillian has decided she is not going to be swayed by Luke’s good looks or their past.

Luke Parsons is a photographer who spends a lot of time traveling. He has always had feelings for Jillian.

Serafina is a genie who has been trapped in a pot. She grants Jillian two wishes.

When Jillian knocks a pot off a storage shelf and then drops a jar of Wickles, breaking it, she is not happy. After rebuffing Luke, she discovers Serafina in the same storage room later eating the Wickles. Jillian faints dead away when Serafina proves she is a genie, and Serafina calls Luke for help. When they are together, Jillian is suspicious of Luke and what she feels, and what he is saying. Are his words and her feelings just Serafina granting her fondest wish, or are they a fantasy? It is only when her actions create a terrible outcome that Jillian finally learns the truth.

One Wish is a delightful story! Jillian’s reactions to the events of her life are realistic. Serafina as the affectionate, but at times wise cracking genie really had me laughing, especially when she got wasted on Wickles. That was just too funny! Luke is the sort of good bad boy that we all want to meet. The characters are well drawn and easy to relate to, and their lives are believable in spite of the fact that this is a fantasy story. The lovemaking is intense and the play of emotions during it is well written. I highly enjoyed reading this book and am looking forward to reading more from this author!

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