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Destiny Series
Book 1 - One Reckless Summer

Book 2 - Sugar Creek

Book 2 - Whisper Falls

ISBN: 9780061429897-Paperback/9780061880056-eBook
May 26, 2009
Avon Books, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers
$6.99 (US) $7.99 (CAN)-Paperback/$6.99-eBook
384 Pages
18 and Up; Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

If the town of Destiny were to describe Jenny Tolliver, they would unequivocally state that she is a good girl, a sweet girl, the kind of girl that parents would be proud to call their daughter-in-law. The problem with that is Jenny’s ex-husband seems to feel that Jenny is too sweet and good, not naughty enough for the bedroom antics he turns to Jenny’s classroom assistant for. With a broken heart and feelings of unworthiness around her like a cloud, Jenny returns to Destiny for the summer.

Destiny, Ohio, knows a bad seed when it sees it and according to local gossip, Mick Brody is one of the leading bad boys. With a father and mother who abused, neglected, and fought each other and their two boys constantly, who would expect him to turn out any different? After being away from his home town for fifteen years, Mick is back, not able to reveal why to Jenny only that it is a mater of life and death.

When Jenny returns to Destiny, she brings along her telescope and hopes that she can get back to her roots with her love of astronomy. After crossing the lake onto the Brody land, she is accosted by none other than Mick Brody, the man who had her daydreaming erotic fantasies as a teenager. Mick knows he should stay away from Jenny as she is the chief of police’s daughter, but with a cat and mouse game in the woods, Mick realizes he must catch his prize not only to stop her from telling everyone he is there, but so he can sample her succulent charms. What starts as a one-night sexfest in the woods soon becomes much more as Mick and Jenny sneak around to have wild monkey sex, but what will happen when Jenny learns the real reason Mick is here, and will she keep his secret or go running to her police daddy?

Ms. Blake always has a way of telling a story that brings the reader into it, and One Reckless Summer is no different. What made me fall for this series was not only the characters but how the author put such a wonderful moral spin on the story as well as showed me that letting go of the past can help you build a beautiful and strong future with the person you love. This novel is the start of a new series, the Destiny series, and I hope that readers will find themselves as enraptured as I was. The townspeople are quirky, outlandish, and so memorable that you hope they will be in the following novels, even those who play a lesser role. With very spicy sex scenes, a very hot but very bad boy who just oozes sensuality, and a woman determined to get rid of her good girl persona, how could I not love this story?

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