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ISBN# 9780758219220
December 2007
Kensington Publishing Corp
850 Third Ave, New York, NY 10022
320 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Abigail Deane is going the new manager of a Tudor mansion that is about to be turned into a hotel. She wants nothing to distract her, especially no men. Abby is about to get her wish. She is going to get away from it all but that does not mean she will not be distracted by a very extraordinary man and some very strange things happening.

Myles Hardy is an archeologist and adventurer looking for a statue that has belonged in his family for generations and he will stop of nothing to get it. However, from the moment he meets Abby he is intrigued by her strange dress and shocked by her common speech but also very attracted to her.

Abby and her plane are mysteriously swept back to 1807 where she meets Myles who is at the mansion trying to find a statue so he can gain admittance into The Dillettani Society. They make a deal, Abby will help Miles find the statue with her blue prints from the future and Myles will help her find her way back to her own time. However, this does not stop the two of them from giving in to their attraction to each other while they look. The owners of the mansion come back, it becomes harder to hide their activities, especially when the lady of the house takes an interest, not in Myles, but in Abby. When Myles wish finally comes true, it could mean end of the world.

This book combines historical, time travel, erotica and paranormal elements all in one. The author also avoids the trap of making her hero and heroine too innocent or too good to be true, though I do wish I knew more what they actually looked like. The addition of the extra characters toward the middle of the story was a bit much but was tied up neatly by the end. Another problem I had is that I wanted the villain to win the girl more than I did the hero. However, you will enjoy this if you like time travel stories with a lot of steamy sex.

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